Faking It: The Executive Climate Change Deniers

A power plant with four smoke stacks emits large amounts of billowing greenhouse gases.

A power plant on Earth spews greenhouse gases.

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Industry executives? they know.  The highly paid business, technology, operations and financial directors at manufacturing companies and multinational corporations, they know that human facilitated climate change is real.  These laissez-faire conservatives, these pro-capital extremists? they’re feigning disbelief. No, unfortunately, there exists no hard evidence.

Polygraphs are voluntary and DNA doesn’t encode deception.  Don’t imagine however, that a million dollar bonus is a reward for a job well done.  It’s hush money.  Corporate executives keep more secrets and spin more allegations than black-market racketeers.

No CEO sends-out a memo, ‘Sure it’s obvious, so deny, deny, deny’.

Non-Disclosure agreements are signed and boardrooms aren’t bugged.  Caribbean cruises aren’t uncommon and golden parachutes are provided.  The CFO’s ex-wife wants half and silence lubricates negotiations.

The fat-cats know.  They deny for position and profit.  They disbelieve to enforce the status quo.

Ever since Adam Smith published his formula for capitalizing on sitting ducks, the mining industry has denied coal’s role in black lung disease.  After sliding silence into an out-of-court settlement, the cigarette companies continue to deny their cancerous cause.  Like a perpetual prayer, chemical corporations deny correlations with birth defects.

Global Warming? yeah, they know.  Heck, they’ve always known.  We’re actually in the third generation now, living with this knowledge swept under the brown cloud. They shuffled it into pollution.  They sponsored Cub Scout litter pick-ups in the park.  They allowed their employees to adopt a mile of roadway and change its diaper.

Look researchers started coming-out the climate change closet during the Vietnam War.  Al Gore was checking-out seven years worth of data in 1965.  Don’t assume that these professorial scientists were satisfied sharing their studies with students.  No, they rushed to snail-mail the responsible corporate officers and boards of directors.

A century before big business lobbied our legislators into ignoring the Kyoto Protocol, the Industrial Revolution’s Robber Barons knew full-well that their manufacturing waste impacted air quality.  What we call ‘micro-climates’ today, used to be known as ‘local ecosystems’ and before that, ‘factory towns’.  Anybody in a suit knew it was five degrees cooler in the country than near the smog shrouded town gathered ’round that black smoke billowing out the tall stack.

Here’s how it works

In fact, the smog in Los Angeles made the L.A. Times in 1893.  In 1896, Swedish scientists, measuring CO2 emissions from coal, did the first calculations of man-made Global Warming compared to natural outputs.  At the 1905 Public Health Congress in London, a researcher remarked that, ‘it required no science to see’ the smog infected air that—even then—blanketed the cities.

The executive solution? move the family to the country and commute.

Meanwhile, the first half of the 20th Century saw scientific studies of natural phenoms—solar cycles, sun spots, oceanic steams—that might both account for observations of, and predict, climate change.  Yet these theories neither held-up to measures of validity, nor verified themselves via any kind of predictability.  Those activities however, sometimes funded by business, ushered-in Climatology as a career and established anthropogenic Global Warming as a fact worthy of full-time research.

During the 1960s, charts, graphs, conclusions and summaries were being delivered regularly to industry leaders.  Government took notice and passed the Clean Air Act of 1963 which insisted on creating regulatory standards for the emission of hydrocarbons at oil refineries and manufacturing facilities.  Across the country, funds were granted for air qualities studies on particulates ranging from greenhouse gases to toxic compounds.  The resultant data were so clear that, in 1967, congress passed the Air Quality Act mandating enforcement of standards to curtail industrial emissions.

Because educated Americans and non-polluting businesses were becoming outraged, in 1970, the fabulously conservative, corporate and finance friendly Nixon Administration established—by executive order—the Environmental Protection Agency.  Climate change due to global industrialization had become painfully obvious and commonly known.  So repeatedly verified as valid was the science and so deadly disastrous was the certain future of using our skies for an ashtray that, throughout the ’70s, industry chiefs had little or no objection to complying with EPA regulations and scrubbing their emissions to initial standards.

In the mean time, the Baby Boomers multiplied into families and sent the population soaring while the U.S. went through that gold-less, OPEC induced, First Great Recession.  President Carter asked us to ‘dial-down’, conserve energy and car-pool as, in 1979, the National Research Council wrapped-up exhaustive studies and modeling which concluded that CO2 levels were well on their way to doubling—and thereby causing the world to warm by 3.5°F in the poles through to 9°F in the tropics.  Chlorofluorocarbons however, took priority as it was discovered that our under-arm deodorant and air-conditioners had made a hole larger than Australia over Antarctica that was roasting people in Tierra del Fuego like chicken on a spit.

Greenhouse gas emission standards needed tightening.  Yet, as Ronald Reagan took office, industry leaders had become quite unhappy by the prolonged economic down-turn, hyper-inflation, usurious interest rates and the flack they caught over mitigating the costs of First World environmental and labor responsibilities by moving shop overseas.  Screw the CO2then.

Temperature’s rising over the decades

China, India and Korea didn’t worry about it.  The Ozone was already too much.  Working hours had lengthened, bonuses trailed-off and vacations went untaken.  Enough was enough and attempts to regulate more smacked of a socialistic Liberal conspiracy to ruin Wall Street.

A New World Order went into formulation then.  They ran a neo-con spiraling IRAs on bad long-term investments cashing-in on that deregulation which sent the U.S. to Hell in a hand-basket.  This grift would accentuate the positive by twisting truth until it spun like a dime.

Deny the validity of any notion impacting profit-margins and accuse the progressives of economic treason.  What new wave laissez faire tactics?  What foundation for class warfare?

What revenue procreating overseas?  Labor can starve, freeze, swelter and expire before financing an operating table.  The masters of this fossil-fueled universe have decided on buying their way into security.

Keep quiet.  Feed the hole.  Deny, deny, deny.

The Reagan White House slashed the EPA’s budget.  Corporate law suits refusing to cooperate with that agency’s authority piled-up like newspapers on an abandoned doorstep.  During those dozen neo-con yuppie years that ATMs, video games, answering machines and personal computers tied our lives to firmware, the environment, climate change and educated concerns were hampered like dirty underwear.

This breather allowed corporate executives to re-image their public Global Warming personas and begin trickling-down denial to the people.  Winter is still cold, so warming isn’t happening.  Or, if so, it’s the Earth’s natural cycle of drought, hurricane and ice-age cleansing itself of the poor.

Ironically, in the late ’80s, climatologists bored into ancient glaciers and extracted ice-cores containing, within their thin late 20thCentury layers, fresh frozen man-made particulates.  This, of course, was the proof-positive, conclusive evidence that human generated greenhouse gasses, compounded by industrial deforestation and salinization of soils were, in fact, causing a sharp rise in average global temperatures.  As a few key particulates were both factory produced and not present in the ice-core’s pre-Industrial Revolution layers, this was—actually—the only verifiably valid evidence ever required to implicate man’s machining of Climate Change.

The executives united denial front had come just in time.

Just Do It!

Thus, by 1992, when the Earth Summit arrived—the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change—few American leaders were listening.  Corporate lobbyists had already gotten to the pro-capitalization legislators and convinced them that their own in-house studies strongly suggested that the climatologists were communists.  By chumming the congressional waters with campaign contributions and hedonistic junkets, our elected representatives were more than happy to swallow the bait—hook, line and sinker.

The grift was on.

Now, ignoring green energy is sleight of hand.  Stifling the Green Party is misdirection.  And neglecting green economy is an old neo-con.

Think about it.

Oil company executives?  They’re in the climate business.  When their corporation sinks a well? they hope it’ll spew crude for a generation.

In the oil bidnis, climate costs money.  The equipment, gear and facilities they need to provide on-site differ substantially from summer to winter, from temperate to sub- and tropical climates.  Amounts of snow and rainfall, dry seasons and desert conditions have been standardized into tables detailing the significantly varying operational costs of dissimilar climates and fluctuating weather.

Heck, these execs have subscriptionsto climate change info.

They know.  They believe.  Disbelief? they’re faking it.

So what does this mean?  It means you don’t have to take their denial medicine anymore.  It means you best just call-’em-out on their lies.

‘Hey pal, maybe you got the GOP fooled, but you ain’t feakin’ foolin’ me.  So cut-out charcoaling my kid’s future.  I’m wise, pissed and just lookin’ for an excuse’.


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